Sample Shipment to the FGA

General Information

When your samples are ready to be shipped to the FGA, fill out Form #17 and send one printed copy with your samples via mail and an electronic copy via email to

Download PDF: FORM# 0017 - Sample Shipment to FGA

Download Excel: FORM# 0017 - Sample Shipment to FGA

Our Mail Address

Attn: Machado Epindola Netto, Jair
Mayo Clinic, Baldwin Receiving - 221 4th Ave. SW
Guggenheim Building 7-23 - Rochester, MN 55905

Shipping Hints

Whenever you are shipping samples outside your institutions, these pieces of information can help avoid later problems.

  • Ship Samples no later than Wednesday: Shipping samples inside the US after Wednesday increases the risk of having your samples sitting in the post office facility over the weekend in case there is a delay.
  • Make sure there is an appropriate amount of ice/dry ice: whenever shipping samples in temperatures other than Room Temperature (Ambient), make sure there is enough amount of it to cover the time from posting until receiving. Factor in weekends, Holidays, and other causes of delays.
  • Inform the FGA your samples are on their way: letting the recipient know that your samples are on their way will have another pair of eyes on it, which can help take action when things go unpredictable. Always send a copy of the filled Form# 0017 and the tracking number via email.