Available Assays

FGA Assays

Generate DataSpecimenTechnique
Senescence Associated bGal Analysis% of positive cells- Fat tissue- bGAL staining
Inflammation and SASP factors in blood and urineCitokine Concentraion- Plasma/Serum/Urine- Immunoassays
P16 INK4a positive T lymphocytesCD3+ p16+ ratio of mRNA- Whole blood
- RNA in Trizol
- Positive selection and negative selection + RNA
- RNA ext/cDNA and PCR
NAD and NAD metabolites AnalysisNAD Level in PBMC, cells, and tissue- Whole blood*
- Tissue
- Isolated PBMC
- Fluorescent Enzymatic
- Measurement
IHC Staining for Senescence and Inflammatory Markers p16, p21,CD68**Content of positive cells- Wet Tissue
- Parafin Block
- Unstained Slides
- embedding, cutting, immunohistochemistry
- cutting, immunohistochemistry
- immunohistochemistry
miRNA in Plasma- Plasma- PCR
Cell free Mitochondrial and Genomic DNA in bloodmitDNA in plasma- Plasma- PCR
last updated: 11/16/2021

*Fresh blood for isolation of PBMC or cells of interest

**Other markers may be available. Contact us for more information.

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