Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Translational Geroscience Network: Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

The Translational Geroscience Network (TGN) is a collaboration of researchers looking at clinical interventions that target fundamental mechanisms of aging to delay, prevent, or treat age-related diseases and disabilities as a group, instead of one at a time.  

To this end, a key priority of the TGN is to cultivate a team of investigators and supported research that better reflects the diversity of the U.S. population itself. With the goal of advancing the most innovative scientific ideas from investigators of all ethnic, racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds and other underrepresented populations, the TGN works to diversify aging research and the geroscience workforce, both within our affiliated Network collaborations and through the research projects we support.  

As an NIH-supported Network, the TGN works to align our priorities with those outlined in NIH’s strategic directions and incorporate inclusive, diverse, and equitable excellence into practices, procedures, and operations. Moreover, as part of the TGN’s mission to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in geroscience research, all TGN-affiliated investigators and research projects should engage local and national resources to ensure equitable and inclusive study design, recruitment, and outreach.